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Windmill School LaureL Education Center has served the community for over 60 years, providing a platform for play-based learning while also generating a deeply connected community.

Building off of our 60 years of experience, Windmill is thrilled to use our new redwood tree-lined campus to grow our innovative emergent curriculum and expand our educational and community services. We look forward to providing

a continuum of care: from nurturing children in their preschool years to providing a warm home to come back to for structured and unstructured activities for children and families beyond the preschool years. The nature of

the programs and activities offered at the new campus will be consistent with our mission, but the specific offerings will be flexible and will be based on the evolving interests of the greater Windmill community.

Core Principles of Operation:

  • Our preschool classes will be designed and operated with the best interests of children in mind.

  • Our community spaces will be operated to be a warm and welcoming environment that is flexible and adaptive to the interests of our community.

  • Windmill welcomes volunteerism, giving by those who can to enable participation by those in need, and creating learning experiences and activities that bring members of all generations together to learn from one another.

  • Our community spaces will be made available as much as reasonably possible to community groups and individuals in Portola Valley and surrounding communities including Ladera, Los Trancos Woods, and Woodside, whose use is consistent with Windmill’s mission and while in compliance with Town rules and with Windmill’s conditional use permit requirements. These spaces will be made available either gratis or at the lowest reasonable cost possible with consideration given that we want to make space available rather than maximize revenue. Reasonable best efforts will be taken to minimize paperwork and any other use requirements.

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