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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What changes have to made to the Drop-Off and Pick-Up procedure?
    All Adults and Children over the age of 2 will need to wear a mask while on campus and be mindful of social distancing. Markers and directional signage will be placed around campus as a visual reminder. Doors will be closed 15 minutes after start of class and late arrivals will not be permitted. Upon arrival at school, children, parents and caregivers will walk to a designated sign in associated with their classroom. A staff member will be there to greet your child and perform a visual health check while taking your child's temperature. We will also be inquiring about any health concerns in your family. A child exhibiting any signs of illness will be sent home. If a child has a family member who is exhibiting signs of infection they will be sent home. Cleaned and disinfected pens will be used for sign in and sign out. Parents, caregivers and unenrolled siblings will not be allowed entry into the building at drop off. Pick up: Parents and caregivers will not be allowed into the building for circle time or pickup. A teacher will bring your child to a designated area for pick up
  • Will my child be able to participate in other programs?
    Yes! For the academic year (and subject to change depending on local and state guidelines and orders), we do not plan to prohibit children from attending other classes or programs in addition to Windmill unless required to do so, as it would be arbitrary to single out this one practice while not regulating other potential risks that families may take.
  • Have Class days and times changed?
    2s/3s classes will meet on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 3s/4s classes will meet on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, and Pre-K classes will meet Monday through Thursday with one AM session and one PM session. In order to limit the number of people on campus at any given time and to adhere to the parking lot requirements from the Town of Portola Valley, classes will have staggered start times between 8:30AM and 9AM. Dropoff and pickup times will be strictly enforced. Please do not arrive before or after your designated time. The duration of all classes is three hours.
  • Will my Child be required to wear a mask?
    Wearing masks helps us protect everyone. Masks are now required at dropoff and pickup for children 2 years and older. We will encourage children to keep their masks on a much as possible, but not force anyone who does not feel comfortable. Please have your child arrive at school wearing a clean mask. We will provide disposable kid sized masks for those who need one. Remember, that just like other safety measures (seatbelts, helmets, handwashing, etc), children will need encouragement, time and practice to get used to new safety practices. Please label your child's mask with their name.
  • What has been added to your Classrooms to ensure the health and safety of my Child?
    The following items have been purchased for the school to enhance safety and protection: * Portable sinks for the outside patios. This allows for more frequent handwashing and enables us to distance the children at handwashing time * No-touch water faucets and soap dispensers. Classroom bathrooms and portable sinks have been upgraded * Cordless Electrostatic Disinfectant Handheld Sprayer * Benefect Decon 30 will be used in all classrooms and shared spaces * Sofpull Paper Towel dispensers * Rubbermaid Step-On Lid Trash Cans * Amplim Digital Infrared Ear/Forehead Thermometer * Hospital Grade Gloves and Masks
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