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Fundraising, it takes a village!
we still need your help.

Our team is actively fundraising to help outfit the additional classrooms and play-yards,

to fine tune the indoor and outdoor spaces, and to help bridge the gap for the final expenses moving to the new location.

Any questions, please contact Karen Tate or Monika Cheney.

How Your Donations Will Make a Difference:


$25K to $100K

Develop Garden and Farm Area

Indoor Furniture (tables, chairs, cubbies, bookshelves)

Acoustics Consulting & Fine Tuning

Establish Working Capital Fund

$5K to $25K

Community Hall Programming

Outdoor Play-Yard Equipment (sandbox, structures, activities)

Improvements for emergency access

Conditioning for Parent Lounge

$1K to $5K

School Materials

Toys, Games, Tools

Costumes, Role Playing


$250 to $1K

Art Supplies (pencils/pens, paint, paper, scissors, tape)

Books, after school items

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