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Tuition Policies and Rates


      2024/2025 Annual Tuition :


Toddler & Parent: (13 months - 2 years) One-Day Program 1.5 hours (Wednesday OR Friday) - $2,370

2's/3's:  Two-Day Programs  3 Hours (Tuesday/Thursday) - $7,985

3's/4's:  Three-Day Programs  3 Hours (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) - $10,185    


Pre-K:  Five-Day Program 3 Hours (8:45AM - 11:45AM Monday-Friday) - $16,450


Pre-K:  Five-Day Program (8:45AM - 2PM Monday - Thursday) and (8:45AM - 11:45AM Friday) - $23,000 

all the fine print and policies

A non-refundable payment in the amount of one-third of tuition is required to secure your child's enrollment. Annual tuition (net of payment) is due in full by May 31st.


As a courtesy, Windmill offers a 3-part installment payment plan. A 5% administrative fee is included with each installment. Payment is due by May 31st.  Additional installment payments will be due by September 30th and January 31st. Parents will be invoiced for these two installments. As a reminder, the deposit credit will be given against upon full payment or the third and final installment payment.


Hardship situations may be communicated to the Director and if necessary to the Board of Directors.


A family must be in full compliance with their tuition obligations in order to continue each quarter or sign up for a new program.


Failure to comply with the tuition policy after 28 days from the first day of the quarter will result in a letter of notification that a child may not return to school effective immediately.


Refund Policy

Payments are non-refundable/non-transferrable and will be credited against the full payment made May 31st, or the third tuition installment. Should a family wish to withdraw their child/children, a written notice given to the school’s Director thirty (30) school attendance days prior to the child’s last day at Windmill School. If, and only if the vacancy is filled, will a prorated tuition refund less the deposit be given.  


30-day notice will be given for any rate changes.

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